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Inu Yasha Loverz

For all who love Inu Yasha

Inuyasha obsession
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For everyone who loves Inu Yasha, Inu Side Charactors, couples, villians, etc.
You are free to post anything you want, but let it be related to Inuyasha in some way, since this is an Inuyasha lover community.

*You can feel free to talk about the manga, tv episodes, etc.
*Feel free to rant on and on about any Inu-related topics
*Post pictures you found or have drawn, icons, banners, etc.

I dont want to bann anyone from this community, but please DO NOT FIGHT! Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, you should respect that persons opinion and dont get into any SERIOUS arguments.

Okay, if you are new and are not sure what to post here are some topics to get you started:
*Favorite Charactor
*Least Favorite Charactor
*Favorite episdoe
*Favorite Villan
*Favorite Movie
*Do you read the manga
*What do you love best about Inuyasha

Well, thats about it, so ENJOY!

"InuYasha" is Love.

Miroku/Sango-- It's Tough Love.

The Naraku-ikka is Love.

InuYasha Villains are Love.

InuYasha Side-Characters are Love.